This version is compatible with iOS 9.0 to 13.7.

Genshin Controller Enabler is an incredibly simple tweak that enables Genshin's official native controller support on iOS 13 and below.

What it actually does is simply make Genshin believe your device is running iOS 14.0, by spoofing Genshin's iOS version check (which simply calls the Objective-C method [[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion]).

Seriously, that's the only thing in the source code. (This is probably the simplest tweak I've ever written in my life.)

That being said, there are some caveats to be aware of:

1. The Chat button does not work. For more information as to why, please refer to this section of the GitHub README. (The Chat button is the Touchpad button (PlayStation) or the VIEW button (MFi, Xbox).)

2. [nControl on iOS 12 and below only] PlayStation button prompts do not show on iOS 12 and below. MFi / Xbox button prompts are displayed instead.

3. There is a non-zero (but extremely low) ban risk since we're injecting code into the Genshin process. Please make sure that you _fully_ understand that before using this tweak. That being said, the only thing this tweak does is change the reported iOS version, with no other modifications, so the ban risk should be extremely low. (Not to mention that Genshin does not even perform jailbreak detection and all the important game logic is server-side anyway…)

For more information regarding why miHoYo made the decisions that they did, please refer to this section of the GitHub README.