This version is compatible with iOS 8.0 to 8.3.

IneffectivePower is a tweak I wrote that stops the infamous "Effective Power" text string from crashing CoreText on a system-wide level. This means it should work in every app.

In the event that you somehow find yet another way to crash CoreText in any app, notify me by email (with a symbolicated crash log) and I'll look into it.

What makes this different from all the other tweaks out there that fixes the crash?

IneffectivePower works on a system-wide level, because its modifications are being applied at the CoreText level as opposed to being injected into SpringBoard.

All of the other tweaks, except for one ("AntiEffective"), only inject into SpringBoard and MobileSMS.

As far as AntiEffective goes, it doesn't completely fix the issue, and will still crash in certain apps (Twitter, Facebook Messenger, AMRC, etc.)