This version is compatible with iOS 4.0 to 4.3.5.

AppSync dynamic library for iOS 4 only.

This is the last version of "AppSync for iOS 4.0" that Hackulous released.

This package contains an unmodified copy of AppSync for iOS 4.0, and it functions the same just as the original from Hackulous did. It will still work as well as it did before on iOS 4.

AppSync for iOS 4.0 is a tweak that allows users to freely install ad-hoc signed, fakesigned, or unsigned IPA app packages on their iOS devices that iOS would otherwise consider invalid.

Some popular use cases include:

Please do NOT use AppSync for iOS 4.0 for piracy.

AppSync for iOS 4.0 is a development tool designed for app developers first and foremost, alongside other valid legal uses that I support — a few of which are outlined above.

Software piracy is illegal. Please support the developers of the iOS software you use, whether they be app developers on the App Store or tweak developers on Chariz/Dynastic/etc.

They're just trying to make a living too, much like you and I.